Walking With the Dead

As a genealogist living in Valencia County, New Mexico this is my service work.  I include a photo of the cemetery marker for each of my ancestors records in my family tree, if I can find one.  The best source for these is Find A Grave where members can create virtual memorials.  As a volunteer with that site I take photos of cemetery markers for other genealogists living outside Valencia County, New Mexico.  I'm determined to photographically document all the cemeteries within reach of me and contribute to their accuracy.

Here are some of my favorite cemetery photos.

The Los Lunas Hospital and Training School Cemetery is in the Northwest corner of the long closed training school property.  The facility operated in the 1970's to train both care staff and children with challenges.  Today most of it sits empty and one building served as our location for several of our film sets for "The Donor Conspiracy".

This photo shows the peaceful sitting area around the sign, which is inside the cemetery fencing.  I love the God rays coming through the trees.  They make for a perfect cemetery shot.

Sangre de Christo Catholic Church Cemetery is part of the church grounds located along Main Street Los Lunas, New Mexico.  It's a picturesque, typically New Mexican church.  The graves surround the church on three sides.  They are mostly old graves and include one local celebrity from long ago.

This photo shows the front of the church and the cemetery markers inside the adobe wall.

The Old San Clemente Cemetery was plowed under prior to 1989 when this memorial was erected.  Two of the cemetery markers still exist, discarded under a tree.

Our Lady of Belen Memorial Gardens is located behind the church and school, on the west side of Belen, New Mexico.  There are both old and new sections, with room to expand.

This photo of the gazebo is untouched.  It shows the red roof of the school and the Manzano Mountains of Valencia County, New Mexico, in the background.

The memorial wall photo revealed a surprise.  There's a mourning dove atop the central statue.

For my cemetery marker photos go to the Valencia County, New Mexico cemeteries on Find A Grave.

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