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Surrounding yourself with beautiful things is good for your health as well as fun.  To look upon beauty lifts your spirits and lowers your blood pressure.  In these stressful times we especially need the soothing effects of taking time to enjoy beautiful things.  Meditating on a peaceful scene or an image that makes you happy can have major stress relieving effects.

Art can take you to far off lands without the cost of travel and hotels.  Even when you can't afford a vacation you can enjoy exotic scenery, plants and animals.  You don't have to pack a bag or use vacation time, just take a few moments for a mental holiday.

Even if you have allergies you can add life to your home by adding images of your favorite creatures, flowers and foliage.  There are no messes to clean up, no fertilizer to buy and no watering schedules to forget.  Bring nature inside and get in touch with the natural world, no matter what the weather's doing.

I make my work available to  you here hoping it will bring you some of the joy it brought me to create it.  

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