Stuffed Mugs

Do you need a casual gift for a friend or co-worker?  Stuffed Mugs are one of those gift ideas that's perfect for that.  Fun and practical they can be used for anyone on any occasion.  Just fill a mug with anything that fits.

First you select a mug...

Then stuff it with goodies.  Of course you can fill it with tea bags and sweetener packets, but don't stop there.  Roll up a folded tee shirt around a keychain, pendant or other small item and stuff it into the mug.  Pick a bouquet of flowers and put them in the mug like the flower shops do.  Fill it with chocolates or their favorite snack.  Put in a pouch of homemade hot chocolate mix or mug cake dry ingredients with a recipe.  If you need gift ideas for a teenage girl try a pretty mug stuffed with small bottles of perfume and / or nail polish.  A child would enjoy their mug stuffed with small toys.

Then cut a piece of clear cellophane wrapping material, place the stuffed mug in the center of it and draw it up around the contents and tie with a  pretty ribbon or secure it with a hair clip.