Still Life

One of the most popular subjects for artists is still life drawings.  The name itself is interesting since many of the objects in still life art are inanimate things such as vases, plates, tables and cloth.  Even floral art qualifies as still life.

Here I have a couple drawings of onions and garlic done years apart.  In this case I attached the illustration board over the pencil drawing using it as a guide for the ink drawing.  I usually do my ink drawings that way, but the under drawing is rarely finished art.

"Onions and Garlic"

pencil on drawing paper

"Onions and Garlic 2"

technical pen on illustration board

I take inspiration, and photos, wherever I go.  A trip to Hawaii yielded many such subjects such as the model for this award winning floral art.

"Polynesian Hibiscus"

technical pen on illustration board

My Favorite Drawing Tools