I enjoy drawing portraits.  To capture a person's image on paper is exciting.  I want my portraits to look as if they could talk.

This portrait of Mormon church leader Spencer W. Kimball was for a class assignment, but as it turns out he's a distant cousin as we're both descended from the same immigrant ancestor.

Spencer W. Kimball

charcoal on paper

A sound engineer friend of mine had a recording studio in Albuquerque.  I created a couple portraits of performers he had worked with to hang on the studio walls for the sake of getting cover art work.  The results was a contract with a local band for promotional materials tied into the album they were recording.  The package centered around a drawing of the band and their mascot.


technical pen on illustration board

LIta Ford

technical pen on illustration board

Jyck Monkey Band

technical pen on illustration board

My Favorite Drawing Tools