My first camera was a 110.  I got it while I was still in grade school.   I took photos of memories, things I found interesting and things I might want to draw.  I eventually graduated to a 35 mm cartridge camera.  I've also used Polaroid and Kodak Instaprint cameras.  I loved the Instaprint because the results were more like a regular photograph than the Polaroid.  You could cut them up, since they didn't have a chemical layer, like the Polaroids.  Finally I got into shooting 35 mm roll film.  I've shot many, many rolls over time.

I've never taken a photography class, but I filled my head with good professional photography by looking at National Geographic, calendars, greeting cards and picture books.  I absorbed the images that others published.  Art classes and my love of art also filled my brain with well composed images.

I decided to use my photography professionally when I viewed the work of a professional photographer who specialized in New Mexico churches.  I realized that I had shots that were as good as theirs and figured that if they could do it, so could I.  When I moved to Belen I began showing professionally.  I've became an even more prolific photographer.  Now with digital technology it's even easier to experiment.

It seems to come natural to me.  I'm a very instinctual photographer.  I can move around a shot mentally which allows me to get the desired shot with few attempts.  This was really helpful when shooting with film.  I actually developed that skill with my art, in order to conserve supplies.

These days I shoot exclusively with digital.  My photography mentor used to tell me "It's not the camera, it's what's six inches behind it."  You don't need exotic equipment to get good shots, you just need to recognize the good shots.  Still, every time I need a new camera I get one a little better than the last one.

I like to use my professional photography to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Those things we pass every day without noticing.  It's a way to share what brings me joy with others so they too can experience the joy.  There are a lot of fascinating things on this beautiful planet and it's part of my job to call attention to as many of them as I can.

I like to explore different ways to see the things around us and show the beauty around us every day.  Whether it's man-made design or nature's handiwork it's all interesting.  I guess that's Georgia O'Keefe's influence on me.  This is where I get abstract.

I love the challenge of capturing animals.  To gain the trust of a wild creature long enough to capture their image is thrilling.  Catching a pet before they decide to check out the camera or leave and actually capturing their personality is exciting.

Some of my efforts have even won ribbons and a few have appeared in the movie The Donar Conspiracy.

Here in my online photography gallery I have some of my favorite and best shots organized by subject.





Violets Are Blue


Sky Scapes

At the Zoo


Wild Things

Not so Wild Things

Walking With the Dead

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