Not So Wild Things

I love animals of all kinds and take pictures of them whenever I can.  I've had pets since I was six.  Pet photography is both challenging and rewarding.  To capture the essence of their personality in a quality shot is the epitome of pet photography.  Lucky for me I've had some great models.

I live in a rural area so there are many farm animals around.  Horses have ben a favorite of mine since I was a young girl.  Their sleek lines, rippling muscles and flowing manes make them beautiful subjects for art and photography.  Such wise devoted spirits - they are without a doubt my favorite farm animals.

"Beloved Friends"

© 2005

"Magical, Mysterious Missy"

© 2006

"Tuffy and his Bassett Buddy"

© 2004

"Headin' Out"

© 1999


Chaco Canyon, NM

"Thunder Impersonates Mr. Ed"

© 2000


Bosque Farms, NM

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