As a kid I got jewelry kits as presents.  They would keep me busy for days.  I loved the many colors and the act of creating wearable art.  It was just plain fun.  Summer camp added to my crafts arsenal with a bit of leather working, wire jewelry and copper enameling.

I've always loved jewelry - looking at it, wearing it and making it.  Still I hesitated to get into making jewelry professionally because I knew it would be "addictive".  I knew if I did I'd start collecting tools and supplies for yet another craft.  One year some friends had a jewelry making party and that did it.  I had to explore my many ideas for jewelry designs.

I get my inspiration for my designs from just about everywhere.  What celebrities are wearing as well as what's in store ads.  My designs are always original but they're based on things I've seen around me.  A lot of times those things aren't even jewelry at all.

I like to explore the use of jewelry pins and all the exciting glass beads and baubles.  I love to repurpose things and turn ordinary things into wearable art.  There's no way to go green that's more fun than to recycle items some might toss into beautiful keepsakes and conversation starters.

Most of my creations are one-of-a-kind.  Of course I have to make the occasional piece to keep and wear.  Although they are not for sale I'll show you what I made for my jewelry collection.

I also like to make jewelry to give as gifts so I've started a page to show my gifted jewels.

If you see something you like contact me to see if it's available.




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