Fur, Feathers & Fins

I love animals, wild animals, cute animals, animals of all kinds, so, of course, I draw animals.  I've always been a fan of wildlife art.  I feel it's important to capture wild animals in art to bring awareness to the natural world so we appreciate it.

While in Hawaii, having lunch in the mall, I looked out the window and saw this little guy.  I took the photo and made a freehand drawing of him when I got home.

"Royal Hawaiian Lizard'

technical pen on illustration board

The Rio Grande Nature Center is a great place to observe wildlife.  They have these logs, right outside the viewing room, where the turtles gather to sun themselves.  They are surrounded by geese and ducks of various types that lend themselves nicely to wildlife art.

'Rio Grande Turtle Club"

technical pen on illustration board

"Goose Family"

technical pen on illustration board

I've taken so many photos of the flamingos at the Rio Grande Zoo it was only a matter of time before I drew them.  There's something very tropical about their pretty pink plumage.


technical pen on illustration board

The model for this doggy couple was actually one dog.  I had photos of him before and after grooming.  It makes a great Valentine or anniversary image.  Cocker Spaniels are really cute animals.

'Doggy Couple"

technical pen on illustration board

My Favorite Drawing Tools