Film Sets

The motion picture industry has come to New Mexico and a few years ago I discovered the Digital Filmmaking Institute. They put on the Duke City Shootout, the only film festival in the world that produced the films during the festival. They also sponsor the local Film Tech Training Program. I took the program and found the perfect home for my eclectic interests, knowledge and skills in the field of set decor. Ultimately I want to be a set designer and maybe a production designer. Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at the film sets I've been part of so far.

Army of the Dead

The Donor Conspiracy 

Duke City Shootout Short Films

If you would like to offer your property to be a movie location check out these instructions and tips.

To practice my skills I play Design Home on my tablet.  Each competition comes with a title, a description of what’s needed, the requirements and even tell something about the client.  Check out my entries on my Instagram Feed.