Earrings seem to be the most popular fashion jewelry item.  I love them.  My mom had these neat screw on earrings where you turned a built-in screw, on the back until it pinched your ear lobe tight enough to stay on.  I believe I still have them tucked away.  I didn't get my ears pierced until I was in my 20's.  In the 80's I added a third hole to my left ear, influenced by the asymmetrical trend in fashion.  The clerk insisted I'd be back for a matching hole, but I still like the asymmetry.  In fact I wear an ear cuff on my left ear as well.

It seams that women who don't wear much fashion jewelry are still interested in  earrings.  They call attention to your face and eyes.  Little works of art to express your personality.

Here's a selection of my creations for your ears.  These are all made with glass beads.

Jewelry Making Tools