Decorating Tips

Here are some home decorating ideas you can use in your own space.  A beautifully decorated home pleases the eye and takes away your stress.  Check back as I'm sure to add more home decorating ideas for you to use.

Keep things simple.  Less is more.  A clean look allows objects to be seen better and have more impact. 

Display collections of your favorite things.

Place groups of objects in odd numbers i.e. three candles.

When floor space is cramped go up.  Add a tall bookcase or two.  They can hold more than books.

Use interesting containers to hold ordinary items i.e. small toys, towels, photos, etc. 

Bring the outdoors in with found objects from nature like shells, stones, pine cones, etc..  Place them in a bowl, plate or vase. 

For a more glamorous look paint the found objects gold, silver or copper.  Match the band on your china if there is one.  Arrange as a centerpiece or accent with some tea light candles, in glass votive holders, tucked into the arrangement.  (Be careful to place flammable items so they do not extend closely over any of the candle flames.)

Use interesting sticks and reeds, standing in a sturdy vase, along with a light to create interesting shadows on the wall.

Display clusters or rows of candleholders of the same material, such as ceramic, glass or metal, in different heights.  Fill with candles in a color to match your room decor.  Try different shades of the same color.  For a more casual look use pillar candles on decorative saucers and small plates.