I've been decorating my own space since I was a teenager.   Studying interior design in college was most enjoyable.  Watching home decorating / do-it-yourself shows on TV is inspirational and has led to many design ideas.   I can spend hours studying interior design magazines and catalogs and can have fun browsing the aisles of the home decorating stores.  Feng shui is a fascinating philosophy to incorporate.

There's nothing better than having a beautiful space to live in, full of beautiful things to look at.  It's good for your soul.  Your home decor can give you respite from this hectic world and energize you for your daily activities.  Admiring the beautiful, intriguing items placed around your home has a positive effect on your health by raising your mood and lowering your blood pressure.  It's a good way to de-stress and we all need that.

I love to create interesting things to decorate with  whether it be a home, an office or  a movie.  I find it rewarding to repurpose things and give them a new life, while keeping them from the landfill.  It's also fun to incorporate elements from nature.

Bois d'arc apples fascinate me.  I'm determined to come up with ways to use these intriguing fruit as home decor elements.

I've added the game Design Home to my tablet.  It’s a great way to practice my home decorating skills.  Check out my entries on my Instagram feed.

Decorating tips you can try yourself.