Cheery Pinwheels

This is a quick and easy gift idea to brighten a hospital or nursing home room using my free printable pinwheels.  They make great table centerpieces too that can bring the outside in or be used for a patio party.

What You'll Need

One or more of my pinwheels

Styrofoam or florist's foam disc or other flat bottomed shape

Assorted fabric leaves and / or flowers

Small ornaments (optional)

Flower pot weighted with small stones (optional)

Here's a couple of florist's foam options that'll make your piece look great.


Using the picture above as a guide poke the pinwheel shaft into the foam then poke fabric leaves and flowers in around it.  You can even get your kids involved, just watch out for the pin and little fingers.

For an alternative use a flower pot, weighted with stones and topped with the foam.  Tie a ribbon around it for extra flare.