I've been dong art work since I was a kid.  I had a chalkboard that was handed down from my brother.  It had cards with pictures of things to draw in a slot at the top.  I spent hours copying the images from the cards sometimes while waiting for the school bus to arrive in the morning.

Only a few of my  grade school teachers included art in our studies.  In eight grade my art work brought me some very needed acceptance from my peers as there were only two of us that could render an accurate drawing.

High school is where I first experienced a teacher and classroom dedicated to art.   Unfortunately they made me wait until third year before I could sign up for art classes, but it was easily my favorite class.  I still have my portfolios.  In those days I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer so I spent my free time drawing clothes, particularly costumes for entertainers.

I discovered Georgia O'Keefe in my teens.  Her work moves me.  Her perspective was so new and different, her colors exciting, her scenery so interesting.  I love her super close-up views of flowers - realistic, yet abstract.  The way she combined flowers, skulls and scenery.  I'm sure her landscapes started my love of New Mexico.

In college I was advised to take clothing construction and textile classes because of my desire to be a fashion illustrator.  (The fashion design world seemed to cut-throat for my taste.)  I would have liked more college level art classes, but what I had improved my ability to see  and create just the same.  I was most influenced by Betty Edwards book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and highly recommend it to anyone who would like to improve their drawing skills.

I became a fan of the fantasy art work of Boris Vallejo.  I love his fantasy characters.  His realistic style and his ability to incorporate real people is exciting.  I appreciate his openness about how he works and how he let us into his studio.  I've collected many of his calendars and books.  His unabashed marketing makes for good business.

I'm also influenced by the fantasy work of Olivia.  I guess that harkens back to my original fashion design desires.  Her models and costumes are gorgeous.  I find them inspirational.

I got into graphic art through the local tech school.  It added a new perspective and practical application to my drawing skills.  It's rewarding to design my own printed materials with my own art work.  It's also handy for decorating film sets and enhancing my genealogy work.  It gives me a professional way to contribute to organizations like the Belen ART League.

I've always enjoyed a range of subject matter for my drawings from portraits to landscapes.  I like the challenge of rendering realistic images.  I tend to work on a feast or famine basis though where I have times of high productivity in between lapses, where I follow other pursuits.

I enjoy working in pencil, charcoal and pen.  There's something about the smell of pencils ...  The tactile sensation of working on toothsome paper with graphite or charcoal is very tactile and stimulating.   The sharpness of ink lines on illustration board excites my eyes.  The detail that can be achieved with mere dots, dashes or smudges.  Here's what I use.

My Favorite Drawing Tools

I've started to explore colored pencils and plan on adding pastels after that.  I love color, but have yet to add it to my drawings.

I've had a few things published and have been honored with ribbon awards from some of the shows I've entered over the years.

Here I've organized my online fine art gallery by subject and will add more art online over time.  It brings me joy to make art and I hope it brings you joy to see my art online.

Fur, Feathers & Fins





Still Life