About Me

I've been a visual artist all my life, a natural born designer.  I've always loved anything creative.  I get it from my dad's side of the family.  I descend from woodworkers and gravestone carvers.  My dad was a cabinet maker in his youth and an amateur photographer.  He even did a bit of drawing.  It's in my blood.  My skills were not discouraged, but they weren't really supported either.  I've had to seek out a lot of my own inspiration and instruction to become a professional visual artist.  

I started out with drawing, then, as I got older, added needle crafts and photography.  I started to see the potential for a career in high school when I spent my free time exploring the idea of being a  fashion designer, but that field is more competitive than I am.  I found my college apparel design courses enjoyable, but preferred my time at the drawing table more.

I got into designing my room decor when I was a teenager and chose interior design as an elective in college.  I found I have a knack for being a decorator.  I'm always looking at spaces and thinking what I would do with them.

I also have a love of graphic arts and aced the course at the Albuquerque Technical-Vocational Institute.  I love to use those skills wherever I can such as creating flyers, newsletters, set dressing elements and of course this site.

These days I live in Belen, New Mexico.    Since coming here I added professional photographer and jeweler to my titles.

Over the years I've won ribbons for some of my drawings and photos.  Some of my work has appeared in print, in various publications, and four of my photos were in the film The Donor Conspiracy.

I have an eclectic array of interests and experience.  It gives me much to work with in my creative efforts, but until I took the Film Tech Training Program, in Albuquerque, I didn't know what to do with it.  Set design is a perfect fit since a set decorator can be called on to create all kinds of environments, inside and out.

I have even found service work that combines my love of genealogy and my skills as a professional photographer.  I'm documenting the cemeteries of Valencia County, New Mexico for other genealogists.  It's not only fun and interesting work, but I've been able to reunite families with their departed loved ones.

Now I’m back in Albuquerque starting my next adventure.