2013 - 2015

The post Belen Art League Years


I started out the year by re-inventing this website with the cool, updated software provided by SBI.  This online exhibit grew and expanded quite nicely.  I also established two new online stores for prints and merchandise.

I engaged Fine Art America as my print and card supplier and started an online gallery there with 35mm photographs I've displayed previously.  I very much enjoy having an online gallery that's available to everyone in the world instead of being limited to a small town brick and mortar gallery.  They print on demand, on a variety of substrates, and even do matting and framing.

Zazzle is an exciting provider of print on demand products bearing my images.  My virtual exhibit there includes home decor items, games and wearables.  Of course I've designed treasure boxes for your jewelry and "pieces of eight".


This year brought me more.  More work on Fine Art America and more products on Zazzle.

Thank you to all wonderful people who’ve discovered my products on Zazzle.  I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to solve your gift wrapping problems with my bow stickers.

November 25th

Photo posted to Facebook by Ghost Town Film Productions, LLC

Darlene Hansen, the producer of the Duke City Shootout film “Young Gun” from 2007 died after a long illness.  She was my favorite producer and a wonderful multi-talented person.  Known as a casting director she was also a dancer and wrote a book on palmistry.  I'm honored to have called her my friend.


2015 was a year of growth, discovery and breakthrough for me, but not very productive.  Metaphysically I started a new transformation and expect it to bring incredible things.  This proverbially late bloomer is blooming.

March 14 - 15th
Belen Comic Con
Belen Community Center / Eagle Ranch Park
Heart of Belen Gazebo / Belen Public Library / Harla Mays Belen, New Mexico

The Valencia Flying and Retrieval Society's usual March event is the St Pat's Balloon Ralley. This year the flying continued along with the first ever Belen Comic Con and film festival. Lots of fun for everyone. See their website for more details.


December 28th

Early that morning, after pulling an all-nighter, I had a stroke and went into the hospital for a week. My right/dominant side was affected and somewhat paralyzed.