What a painfully strange year.

I gladly handed over the office of Belen ART League secretary to a new volunteer.  To put it in filmmaking parlance I'm much more comfortable below the line.  I'm a craftsperson, not a leader.  Besides I had just moved and was healing from some health issues.

I did expect though, because the president told me, that I'd be keeping the graphic arts jobs of creating the event flyers and newsletter, at least as long as she presided.  Then the board was told that making the flyers had always been up to the event chair.  Huh, news to me (and my predecessor).  By May I had the newsletters created for all the rest of the months of the year but, unbeknown to me the May issue was my last and someone else started turning them out.

My time as Photography Room curator came to an abrupt and unexpected halt in the summer when the new curator called me with information about their plans to change the exhibit.

I continued to exhibit my photography and jewelry at the gallery until the fall when I removed everything for re-branding.  I didn't participate in any art league events either.

In the meantime the Mansion Players took to doing readings without sets.

My world, as I knew it, certainly came to an end by December 21, 2012.

Belen ART League
Spring Show

May 5th - June 2nd
Harvey House Museum
Belen, New Mexico

I produced this flyer to post on the web for the Spring Show event since the other one bore the home contact information of the committee members and I refuse to compromise their safety.  It was also missing some vital information about the event.