Welcome to my treasure chest, my online fine art gallery.  There are many treasures in my online art gallery since I create in many ways.  Dig through my treasure chest and enjoy what's found within.  Come back often and see what new treasures I fill it with.

Art -  My freehand drawings, in several media, cover many subjects.

Photography -  How the world looks through my eyes.

Jewelry - My original jewelry.  What treasure chest would be complete without jewels?

Needlework - My original needlework, and patterns for you to make.

Decor - Things to decorate your living space inside and out.  Decorating tips and a look behind the scenes of the film sets I've dressed.

Gifts - Some gift ideas for all kinds of occasions.

Fun Stuff -  Games, activities and other fun things.

On the Horizon - My online calendar.

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About Me - I've been creating art all my life...

Contact Me - Use my contact form to communicate with me.

Trading Port - Where you can buy my treasures for yourself.

Links - The links from my site gathered in one place, plus other helpful sites to visit.